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Common Roofing Issues North Atlanta Homeowners Might Experience

Roofing Issues

Roof wear is inevitable, and it's a problem you're going to want to get a jump on ASAP before it leads to structural issues, mold growth, or a variety of other problems. When you detect any roofing issues affecting your North Atlanta home, schedule a roof repair ASAP with a professional you can count on. This work is going to become necessary down the road as your roof remains exposed to a host of harmful factors:

  • Age
  • Wear from the elements
  • Poor maintenance
  • Interference from animals

Watershed Roofing & Construction is the company you can count on when you find yourself in need of a roof repair. Our experienced roofing contractors provide quality workmanship that will get your roof back in shape, no matter what condition it might be in. You'll know it's time to schedule an appointment with us if you detect any of these common roofing issues:

Increased Energy Costs

Your utility bills can creep for a host of reasons, and this problem can be a hard one to pinpoint for that reason. Still, if you those bills won't go down after you've checked the insulation around your windows and doors and had your HVAC and energy checked, it's a solid bet that roofing issues are the culprit.

Roof Leaks

Not all roofing issues are as broad as the one listed above, and some can be attributed to nothing but your roof. A good example of this kind of issue is roof leaks. As your roof experiences wear and tear, leaks are likely to develop, and the only effective way to deal with this problem is to schedule a roof repair ASAP.

Exterior Mold Growth

A common factor that affects many roofs is water damage since a roof always remains exposed to rain and humidity. Unfortunately, water damage doesn't remain isolated to your roof. In fact, it can bleed over to other exterior portions of your home, resulting in issues such as mold growth. So, when you detect mold growth on your home's exterior, you'll know it's time to schedule a roof replacement.


If you're experiencing any roofing issues, then please call 404-512-7766 or complete our online service request form.