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Roof Replacement: When A New Roof Is The Best Option To Protect Your North Atlanta Home

Roof replacement

Even the best-maintained roof is going to have to go at some point down the line. When your Marietta home's roof reaches the point that you need to invest in a roof replacement, look to Watershed Roofing & Construction to handle the work. With a team of experienced roofing contractors, we'll get the work handled in a quick and professional fashion.

A worn-down roof will drag your curb appeal and property value down like nothing else. Worse still, a worn-out roof is dangerous. So, it's worth the effort to have an old roof replaced ASAP. You can count on our pro roofing contractors to get the roof replacement work done in no time at all so that you can regain your home's beauty, value, and safety once more.

When Do You Know It's Time to Replace Your Old Roof?

The longer you wait to have an old roof replaced, the longer you and your loved ones will remain exposed to issues such as mold growth and even the threat of a roof collapse. To keep your family protected from these issues, learn the signs that indicate it's time to have your old roof replaced. Here's a quick list of just some of the signs you're likely to notice:

  • Your roof is old (the average life of a shingle roof is about 15 years)
  • Many of your shingles are curling or missing
  • Your roof's flashing has become damaged
  • Higher-level ceilings and walls have become discolored
  • You need more and more roof repairs

You Can Count On Us to Handle all of Your Roofing Needs

You don't need to wait until your roof is ready to go before you give us a call. After all, we offer all types of roofing services for your home. Whether you need a roof repair or general roof inspection, you can count on us to handle the work with the same level of professionalism with which we handle a full-blown replacement.

Your roof is one of the most important components of your Marietta home, and it deserves the best quality of care you can get for it. That's why it's important that you look to none other than Watershed Roofing & Construction to handle the work. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every job we undertake, meaning you can't find better workmanship in the area at all.

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